Jade Hair and Body Oil

Jade Hair and Body Oil

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Imagine getting out of the shower after a long day and applying a natural body oil to your freshly clean skin. Not just any body oil, but an oil that is lightweight and extremely moisturizing.


You just washed your curls and it's time to deep condition your hair. Massage a few drops in your hair to promote growth and moisture.

Where else can I use this?

Our Jade Oil can be used head-to-toe! There are no limitations to this product. Why buy multiple body products when you can cover everything with one 4 ounce bottle?

This blend is perfect for massages as well! Since it is lightweight, you won't have to worry about heavy oil residue. Your skin will just absorb the ingredients. Hemp is great for sore muscles and achy bones.

What's in this stuff?

Pure Hemp Oil!

No this will not get you "high". Hemp contains little to no THC.

Shelf Life: 3 Years